Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Number 8!

Still playing catch up. For those who were wondering how I'm coming up with these, I have this book - 642 Things to Draw - my roommate flips to a random page and points at a spot on the page and whatever it lands on is what I have to model for that day. Sometimes his finger lands on something relatively easy, like this beaker for day 8!

Monday, July 16, 2012

358 to go!

Playing a little catch up after all the crazy San Diego Comic Con just this past week. Here are the quick models from days 2-7!

A Lamborghini chainsaw!

My awesome pencil case holder thingy in the shape of a giant sharpener!

My green Mario Mushroom USB lamp =)

The topic for this one was "broken toy". So that's what a Rubik's cube looks like inside!

An overly starched T-shirt?? Okay I got lazy with this one >_<


Friday, July 6, 2012

One down, 364 left to go!

Hey everyone!

I just started a new "project" - to model one object a day for 365 days! They'll be simple objects to keep the project realistic (I have a lot of other work to do too) and mostly they'll just be models, though I may end up texturing a few of them =) I started yesterday but didn't get around to posting about it. I'll try to post them as I create them from now on though. Anyway, here's yesterday's - a cupcake!

Day 1 - Cupcake