Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Out with the Old! But not all of it...

Clearing out the old blog to prepare for its relaunch! There were some old stuff that I still like though, so I wanted to gather them in one post =)

First sketch in my "Someone Else on Sundays" series. Check back for more details later! =)
A little quick doodle for Inktober! The movie wasn't great, but I liked the world and the idea.
My first (and to date only) pumpkin carving! Me thinks it's time to carve another!
An assignment from my days in Animation Mentor. Bishop as the cast of Scrubs!
Another Animation Mentor assignment. Stu gathers up the Sun, Earth, and Moon!
First little sketch on my Nintendo DS =)
That's it for the old stuff. Now make way for the new stuff! =)

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